Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tag: Ed Head

Hiding in Plain Sight

This week Michael reveals some of his own secrets learned from traveling in foreign, often dangerous, countries and applies them to successfully moving in Non-Permissive Environments (NPE). Also, a tribute to the great Ed Head.

Reconsidering the .22 As A Home Defense Tool

This week we talk about the possibility of using a .22 rifle as a home defense firearm, pluses and minuses. Of course, there’s also a bit of info on the never-ending virus emergency. And, finally, a tribute to the great Charlie Daniels.

Don’t have an AR? Beyond the Scout Rifle, Pt 2

This week Ed Head, one of the masters of Jeff Cooper’s concept, takes you through the necessary training. Michael Bane also offers up some alternatives.

Gun On A Rope

So, have you ever been in the shower when you wondered what you would do if someone were to break into the house?  Did...

The Evils Of Speed Holstering

Alright guys, let's admit it; we all learned to shoot watching our heroes on television and in the movies. As a youngster I would...

Going Against The Drop

Sergeant Manny Lopez and his team of San Diego Police officers weren't crazy; they knew exactly what they were doing. Dressed as illegal aliens...

Smith & Wesson Pro Series 1911

Some years ago I was teaching a Master Series pistol class for Jeff Cooper when the subject of small 1911 pistols came up. ...

News from Gunsite

Here we are at the end of June, and you might say that our cup runneth over.  We have been very busy and business...

Learn to take your time fast…

Here we are at the start of June already…where has the time gone?  We’re happy to report we will be very busy this month...

Three new classes to the Gunsite schedule

April has been a wonderful and interesting month here at Gunsite.  The training weather has been just about perfect and, along with our regular...