Friday, December 2, 2022

Tag: Jeff Cooper


The PX-9 Triumphs at GUNSITE!

This week Michael takes you through his GUNSITE 250 class with a host of ne’er do wells and his Tisas PX-9 Gen 3, which delivered the goods.

One Super Scout!

Jeff Cooper's Scout Rifle is always moving either forward into the future or back into the past...

More on MaddMacs’ .22s!

This week’s podcast talks more about the Madd Macs Precision Tactical .22s, plus why you should never take any training information as a “revealed truth."

Mindset – The Zen of the Snake Shot

The first step in mental preparation for combat, survival, or just living in a difficult world is acceptance - you must accept and understand that the world can be a dangerous place.

Mindset – The Zen of the Flip Flop

Jeff Cooper taught us the Combat Mindset and all of us in the defensive tactics/training business teach subjects like the Color Code, survival and preparedness. Unfortunately, most people out in the general population don't get it, don't care to learn and think people like us are nut jobs.

Learn to take your time fast…

Here we are at the start of June already…where has the time gone?  We’re happy to report we will be very busy this month...