Tag: Kurt Schlichter

Do What the Bunnies Do — Go To Ground!

This week we delve into fundamental preparations for a very scary year. Michael believes we can all learn from animal behavior — when it doubt, go to ground! But here’s how to make sure your ground is prepared. Also, a quick look back at a good scope that didn’t quite succeed.

First Fun; Then Time to Get Serious

This week’s podcast is an interesting mixed lot. There’s the fun of getting ready to start training for the Texas Nilgai hunt in November. Then there’s the deadly serious next installment of “Understanding the Changing Self-Defense Landscape."

Terrorist Attack in America?

Can a terrorist attack like October 7 in Israel happen in the U.S.? Best-selling author Kurt Schlichter thinks so. So what steps do you need to take to protect your family? Also, new products from Wilderness Tactical and Ed Brown!

Necessary Learning Points!

We were the first to talk about the shifting “landscape” for self defense. But now, changes, maybe even greater changes, are coming at an increasingly rapid pace. What does that mean to you and your family?

Fear Mongering or Rational Fear?

This week Michael discusses the continuing, even faster, changes to the self-defense landscape and what they mean to you. Also. some tips on making the best pepperoni pizza!