Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

A Nation in Distress

This week, we discuss the election, the stunning massive fraud perpetuated by the Dems, the upcoming new COVID lockdown, why you need to carefully examine your choices in trainers, and, hey, even a little about guns!

Did We Survive?

We’re recording on Monday, so we have no idea the state of the country after Tuesday’s election, so we thought we’d get Michael to talk about…wait for it… guns!

Home Again Home Again…Finally!

We’re safely back at the Secret Hidden Bunker and hard at work. Michael shares some thoughts on getting home and gunning up, on the importance of written lists in planning and, finally THE ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME!

Reality Don’t Care…

This week Michael expands on a column written by master trainer Dave Spaulding on how we deny reality at our own risk.

The Honey Badger on the ATF Chopping Block

Once again pistol braces are in the news with the ATF’s “Cease and Desist” letter to Kevin Brittingham’s “Q” and that company’s Honey Badger AR platform pistol. This is our exclusive interview with SB Tactical’s head and inventor of the pistol brace Alex Bosco.

Attack of the Feral Bunnies

This week Michael is all over the place…he’s dealing with feral bunnies, G48s, Sig 365XLs and all manner of other beasties.

Double Eagles Still Rule

This week Michael examines the Remington bankruptcy fire sale and who is picking up the pieces. He also talks about his two Desert Eagles and fun with carpel tunnel syndrome!

Planning for the New Normal

This week, we continue the discussion on making sure your family is ready to weather what looks to be some tough months!

The New Rules of Engagement

This week Michael expands on how the violence “landscape” is changing, and what that means to training for your own safety.

A New Cowboy Shotgun!

This week Michael introduces the E.E.A. Churchill side-by-side coach gun for Cowboy Action Shooters. Also, some timely thoughts on SHTF guns.