Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

Master the Red Dot…Really

This week we’re in Gunnison, Colorado, with Scott Jedlinski of the Modern Samurai Project for his landmark class on red dot sights.

More on the Changing Landscape for Self-Defense

America has never been a more dangerous place, and this week Michael looks at the implications of Defund the Police, the newer, more violent landscape and how to best avoid being a victim of "friendly fire."

The First Gun Maker’s Match!

This week Michael goes to St. Augustine, FL, and the Ancient City Gun Range for the very first Maker’s Match, where the most creative gun printers test their projects.

Still Time to Speak Up!

This week, Michael wraps up his successful shoot at the Rocky Mountain regional Revolver Championships. He also does the final work on his “almost-a’Glock” Polymer80, and reiterates the necessity of ALL SHOOTERS MAKING THEIR VOICE HEARD!

A .22 Magnum Perfect for the House

This week Michael spends a little time with the Rock Island/ARMSCOR .22 MAGNUM revolver…and likes it. Also, we have to dip into politics again. IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO SPEAK UP!

Guns For The Aftermath

This week Michael discusses the idea of the Defensive Core, the best guns to have when there is a sudden lack of civility.

We Need Your Voices to Protect the 2A!

This week, it is of critical importance that you speak out against the ATF’s convoluted, intentionally vague attack on home built firearms and virtually everything else!

The Cost of Stupid Just Got Higher

Some continuing thoughts on the shifting self-defense landscape…de-escalation doesn’t work if the function of the exercise is escalation.

A Screaming Anti-Mask Rant

Well, not quite, but Michael has some important points on the continued circus of masks, masks and more masks.

Lights OUT!

This week Michael does one of his rare movie reviews, and of course it’s an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it flick! Also, building the elusive Glock carbine.