Friday, August 19, 2022

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

A Whirlwind of New Projects

This week, Michael brings the listeners up to speed on projects that come flying in over the transom, included a new 22/45-compatible frame, the KRAKEN, from TANDEMKROSS.

Getting Deeper Into Concealment!

This week, a few more thoughts on what .22 trumps the .32 auto, especially if you shoot the little beasts!

Thinking About Deep Concealment

This week an eclectic mix of subjects, from Constitutional Carry to deep concealment handguns to Leupold custom scope dials.

Fiddling With Guns

Michael spends a snowy weekend working with guns, including his Tactical Solutions rimfire and Ruger race guns.

Tertiary Effects of War?

With a “hot” war in Europe and threats of nuclear attacks, what do we as preppers need to be focused on? Also, a lighthearted (finally) review of a quick trip to Santa Fe.

Bowen’s Custom Blackhawk!

This week Michael gets to puts some rounds through the Hamilton Bowen-built Lipsey’s/Ruger 38-40/10mm Blackhawk “convertible” before the snow closes in. Plus you don’t want to miss a controversial interview with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts!

Volquartsen’s Super Pistol!

Been a while since Michael worked with his “race” .22 pistols, but the Volquartsen Mamba-X just wants to run!

Is Bullseye Good For You?

How about a little bullseye shooting, tighten up those groups? Michael has some thoughts about that, plus a slobbering description of the Volquartsen LLVx competition .22 upper. Plus, 45-70 lore!

SHOT Follow-Ups!

This week we have a few more thoughts — and products — from SHOT 2022.

SHOT Lite?

This year's SHOT Show was...different. Not bad, but decidedly different. Here are some highlights.