Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

Crummy Oscars, Rampant Marxism and AKs

This year, 2021, continues to deliver on mass quantities of endless annoyances. This week we do a little ranting about how knife fights have suddenly become West Side Story Redux and a little bit on the utility of crossdraw holsters.

The Gunmaker’s Match Gun Is Going Forward!

Even as the government attempts to define homemade guns out of existence, Michael’s “Glockish” G34 is moving toward completion!

The Gun Control War Heats Up!

This week we’re all gun control all the time as the Biden administration begins its attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Introducing ARMSCOR’s VR82 20 Gauge

This week we introduce the ARMSCOR/Rock Island VR82 semiauto shotgun, the 20 gauge little brother of the wildly popular VR80 12 gauge. Plus, some carry and training thoughts.

TAC-CON 2021

This week Michael reviews his trip to Tom Given’s Tac-Con, the most important gathering of trainers for the year. He also outlines Ed Monk’s groundbreaking work on active shooters.

Chumming For Monsters

This week we talk about the shooting in Boulder at a supermarket Michael knows well. Can we be constantly marinated in hate rhetoric and not pay the price?

Do It Yourself Guns For Everyone!

This week Michael does an exclusive interview with Rob Pincus of Personal Defense Network and THE BEST DEFENSE on his work with printing handgun receivers and the upcoming Gun Maker’s Match. Also Ruger’s new MAX-9!

Taurus Nails It!

Taurus’ successful G3c 9mm striker fired pistol catches Michael’s attention. And, are automatic knives a good choice for self-defense?

Midway Expands!

This week Michael visits Columbia, MO, for an exclusive interview with Larry Potterfield and a visit to Midway USA’s huge new facility.

Safety in a World Gone Nuts

This week Michael reflects on the changes — none for the good — our society is going through and how that affects you and your family’s ability to stay safe.