Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Tag: Michael Bane Podcast

Double Eagles Still Rule

This week Michael examines the Remington bankruptcy fire sale and who is picking up the pieces. He also talks about his two Desert Eagles and fun with carpel tunnel syndrome!

Planning for the New Normal

This week, we continue the discussion on making sure your family is ready to weather what looks to be some tough months!

The New Rules of Engagement

This week Michael expands on how the violence “landscape” is changing, and what that means to training for your own safety.

A New Cowboy Shotgun!

This week Michael introduces the E.E.A. Churchill side-by-side coach gun for Cowboy Action Shooters. Also, some timely thoughts on SHTF guns.

New Threats/New Training!

This week Michael comments on the increasing violence in cities like Kenosha and Portland, and how that violence impacts you.

Weekend At Robbie’s

Catching up with a “Weekend With Rob Leatham” and how Michael’s gear performed, plus a giveaway from Mountain Man Medical.

The Summer of Our Discontent

This week MBTV ON THE RADIO discusses the rise of violence in American cities and, sadly, the dangers of being Good Samaritan. Plus, reloading tips for new shooters and an update on the Volquartsen Summit.

The Necessity of a Home Defense Rifle

This week Michael brings everyone up to date on the Project 1895 Winchester .405 and touches on why everyone should always have a long gun available for home defense.

Finally, an All-Gun Podcast!

This week Michael talks about the quest for .405 Winchester ammo and his love for leather holsters.

The Big Steel Box Conundrum

All across the country everyday people are facing a new and terrifying risk  — the chance of getting caught in a violent urban riot. This week we do a deep dive into how you can defend yourself from being trapped in the midst of chaos.