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The Best Revolver Training…Period!

We begin our exclusive video coverage of the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up at GUNSITE! Plenty more coverage coming in January 2024!

Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up!

Only on michaelbane.tv! This week we're attending the country's greatest gathering of revolver trainers, the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up at GUNSITE. This is truly a unique event..this week's podcast is the beginning of our coverage.

Why Compact Pistols Make Sense

This week we continue our evaluation of the compact Stoeger over it’s micro-9mm cousin. Plus, the Taurus Judge expands…at least in barrel length…and a preview of the artistic guns of Europe travelogue.

Big Wins in the Courts!

This week Michael talks about the federal court decisions on ATF overreach rules. He also takes a look at the classic “swarm” attack in Las Vegas that left a 17 year-old dead.

A Great General Purpose Scope

A general purpose rifle deserves a scope that also functions in multiple contexts. This week Michael falls back on his old Swarovski 3.5 -18x, a scope that has seen much use over the years but remains a solid option. Also, the Stoeger STR-9C is coming into its own.

The General Purpose Rifle Takes Shape

Michael has been working on the concept of a general purpose rifle for a while, because the concept of a general purpose rifle meets a lot of requirements, from hunting to competition to self-defense. The Sig Cross continues to shine, but there are some challengers!

Carry On — Great Holsters for Multiple Carry Solutions

One of the hardest parts of the EDC equation is choosing a holster you can live with every day. There are lots of options, but here are several of Michael’s favorites that solve a number of problems.

Necessary Learning Points!

We were the first to talk about the shifting “landscape” for self defense. But now, changes, maybe even greater changes, are coming at an increasingly rapid pace. What does that mean to you and your family?

The R.I.A. 5.0 Groundbreaking Surprise

In anticipation of the second generation 5.0E 9mm competition semiauto from Rock Island, we go back to the first of the year to take a look at the first 5.0 and see what makes it so different — and so important!

The Art of De-Escalation

This is a podcast special from Down Range Radio #584 published on August 21, 2018. Michael Bane talks about the art of de-escalation and the tremendous power of two simple words: “I’m Sorry.”