Friday, August 19, 2022

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Intuitive Defensive Shooting!

This week we look at I.C.E. Training Company’s Intuitive Defensive Shooting class and talk about why this may be the ideal class for the flood of new gun owners.

The .410 Is Alive…Again!

This week we go back to the Henry X-Model .410 lever action shotgun, which got shelved when .410 ammo disappeared from the entire world. With ammo back in stock, the “utility shotgun” project is back under way!

Taking a Stand on the Stance!

Savage’s new Stance mini-9mm striker-fired pistol is an aggressive entry into a crowded market. But how will a single stack 9mm be received in a larger capacity market? Also, how to save a few bucks on Ruger .22 pistol magazines and our newest feature, Your Best Defense.

Build You Own Super .22!

The .22 Racegun market has been one of the huge successes of the last few years, and this week we take a look at two of the companies that have made it happen, TACCOM  and TANDEMKROSS.

The PX-9 Triumphs at GUNSITE!

This week Michael takes you through his GUNSITE 250 class with a host of ne’er do wells and his Tisas PX-9 Gen 3, which delivered the goods.

Taurus Makes It Your Way

The Taurus G3c has consistently been one of the best selling concealed carry guns in America. In this week's TRIGGERED, we take a look at the G3c and its newest offspring -- concealed carry the way you want it!

The Ultimate Back-Pack Gun from Volquartsen!

This week we take a look at the new Volquartsen ENV pistol, built on that company’s 10/22 aluminum receiver. Is it the ultimate backpack gun?

Part 2: Marlin’s Great 1895 SBL!

Our second part look at what is easily the best out-of-the-box lever action rifle available today, the Marlin SBL 45-70, with a look at other rifles in that caliber, including the Henry.

The Best Out-Of-The-Box Lever Action Ever!

This week we begin our two episode exploration of the new Marlin 1895 SBL 45-70, as “reimagined” by Ruger and manufactured in their Myodan, NC, facility  — the same facility where they produce their ARs!

Triggered Special EXCLUSIVE: Ace Trainer Jeff Gonzales

Jeff Gonzales at Trident Concepts has made a career of challenging orthodoxy. Here’s an inside look at one of the top trainers in the country.