Monday, February 6, 2023

Tag: Nameless Armament


Ruger’s New .380 and a .22 Surprise!

Getting ready for the deluge of new products that is the SHOT Show, Michael takes a look at the new Ruger Security .380, a gun perfectly aimed at new concealed carry holders, and a new 10/22 chassis from Luth-AR.

New Year; New Guns!

Happy New Year Pod People! As we head into the hellscape that will be 2023, it’s time to talk guns. First off, the Beast, the FNP-45 is home from the milling shop, and it’s perfect. Also, The Recover Tactical Glock gets reassembled and its own Form 1!

The FNP-45 — Beast-Mode Perfection?

The FNP/FNX .45 ACP hammer-fired, 15-round semiauto was developed for the military trials that never happened. After 15 years, it remains a masterpiece of engineering and maybe the finest .45 ACP in the world.