Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up

With the rising trend in revolvers, we take a firsthand look at using the revolver for personal defense from some of the best trainers in the world.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Secret to Building a Good AK...

Learn how to build a great AK with one of the foremost AK builders in the world.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Texas State Wild Bunch Championship

The Texas State ‘Wild Bunch’ Championship takes Cowboy Action Shooting to a whole new level.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Intro to .22 Long Range with...

With the abiding growth of rimfire, we take a look at the amazing growth of long-range .22 and how the sport has been redefined.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Ballistics Summit with Lucid Optics

Get a firsthand look at some of the latest firearms and optics designed for long-range shooting.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Secrets of Rimfire Challenge with Kolby...

Michael Bane visits the cornfields of Iowa to get some Rimfire Challenge tips from a 4-time world champion.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: Pistol Training with Rob Leatham

Attend a day of training with one of the most renowned pistol shooters in the world, Rob Leatham.

Shooting Gallery – Final Season: The Resurgence of the 5.7

Michael Bane travels to Gunsite in Arizona to compare the 5.7 to the .22 TCM and find out what they're really good for.

It’s time for a new season of Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery Season #20 starts airing Jan 1 2020 on Outdoor Channel. We have 10 new episodes lined up for you.

Michael Bane on the Higher Line Podcast

Mickey Schuch talks with Outdoor TV Star, adventurer and author Michael Bane.