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Down Range Radio #617: A Trip to Taurus

This week Michael wraps up his trip to Bainbridge, Georgia, and his visit to the new Taurus facility. He also talks about the Taurus guns that rang his chimes.

Down Range Radio #616: Mental Preparations

This week Michael talks about his confusion about what handgun(s) to compete with this year, and a bit about mental preparations, including dealing with emotions.

A failure Of Situation Awareness Is The Foundation For Disaster

When you're in the soup, you're in the soup...this is not a time to say, "Huh???

Securing The Sanctuary

It can be very difficult for people of faith to accept the idea that violence and evil must be met with violence. Unfortunately, the results of failing to do so can be horrible. Get your minds right, make a plan and take care of your family and friends.

Going To Gun Camp – A Check List

Helpful tips to read before attending your very first firearms training class.

Secure But Ready Firearms Storage

How would you feel if you came home one day to find a bad guy in your house brandishing a gun you hadn’t secured?


If you’re alert and armed with the right tools an encounter with a poisonous snake may be exciting but it need not be deadly.

Pistol Provocation

Pointing guns at people you have no intention of shooting to force compliance with your demands is poor business. What are you going to do if they don’t comply? Shoot them?

Avoiding The Fight

The best fight, especially a gunfight, is the one you don’t attend. No matter how it turns out, win or lose, no good comes from a gunfight.

The Incredible Shrinking Self-Defense Caliber

I went to the 9mm because my own thinking had shifted from the "one perfect shot" to "how many times can I hit the bad guy who wants to do me harm?"