Friday, May 27, 2022

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More Thoughts on Buffalo Shooting

This week we’re talking about more of the lessons learned from an increasingly violent America…why you need a “space in your head” to accept that violence could indeed happen to you!

Monsters Rise to the Bait

This week we look at the consequences of years of “chumming for monsters,” as monsters of all varieties rise to the taste of blood. We also take a more indepth look at Rob Pincus’ Intuitive Defensive Shooting concepts.

Africa, Anyone?

This week Michael reviews Sue Tidwell’s book CRIES OF THE SAVANNA, a hunting book for non-hunters. Also, a quick look at where we are and how you can be ready for the next attack of the black swans!

John Ross, R.I.P.

This week, we note the untimely passing of author John Ross, whose 1996 book, “Unintended Consequences,” has a profound effect on America’s gun culture. Also, the first updates on shooting the Henry lever action “utility shotgun” .410.

1895 Grail Gun Coming Home!

This week we touch on the upcoming ATF rules on so-called “Ghost Guns.” But the big news is the 1895 “Medicine Gun for Lions” Winchester .405 lever gun will be coming home soon, thanks to Andy Larsson at Skinner Sights.

Preparing for the New World

As we have discussed in the past, the “landscape” for civilian self-defense has changed significantly in the last 2 1/2 years, and it is up to you to understand how those changes effect you and your family’s safety.

A New Bite Out Of Our Gun Rights!

This week Michael discusses the new — and probably unConstitutional — rules promulgated by the ATF on 80% guns and the very definition of firearms. Also, some thoughts on elder safety that don’t involve blowing a whistle and screaming.


This week Michael recounts his week at GUNSITE with old friends and great instructors. Plus, the Tisas PX-9 proves itself to be a solid, reliable pistol after 1000 rounds.

A Whirlwind of New Projects

This week, Michael brings the listeners up to speed on projects that come flying in over the transom, included a new 22/45-compatible frame, the KRAKEN, from TANDEMKROSS.

Getting Deeper Into Concealment!

This week, a few more thoughts on what .22 trumps the .32 auto, especially if you shoot the little beasts!