Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tag: podcast

A Tribute to Mike Dillon

This week Michael talks about the very important contributions of Mike Dillon and his amazing reloading machines. He also talks about the important necessity of hardening your house in these grim times.

New Products for the Shooter

This week is a new product week, and the obligatory thoughts on COVID 19. We finish the podcast with a great version of “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu” from musician and master firearms trainer Karl Rehn!

Thoughts on SHTF Guns

This week Michael talks about firearms for both new and old, the efficacy of a pistol caliber carbine as a home defense tool and a couple of new guns!

Finally, Gun Content!

This week on MBTV ON THE RADIO, there’s more discussion on COVID-19, especially on issues of personal and family security…and then, actual gun content, the new Ruger PC Charger!

The World’s Best Pocket Pistol and Avoiding “The Plastics”

This week Michael gushes about the Ruger LCP II .22LR [from Ruger…a sponsor…get over it], considers pocket pistol training and wonders why “Mean Girls” has to be the model for life in the 21st Century.


This week, after a brief detour to cowboy guns, Michael addresses the coronovirus hysteria. His advice is straight from the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” — DON'T PANIC!

More on MaddMacs’ .22s!

This week’s podcast talks more about the Madd Macs Precision Tactical .22s, plus why you should never take any training information as a “revealed truth."

Hang Together, Or Hang Separately

This week Michael talks about the victory in Virginia and the importance of gun owners laying aside their differences and pulling together in these troubles times.

Carrying at Home Tips

This week Michael talks about carrying a gun at home, pocket carry and tips for answering the door after dark.

Moon Clips, Custom Guns and Caliber Choices

This week Michael talks about "Cartridgemania", more on .22 custom guns and the Ruger Super GP-100 in 9mm. He also survived the Super Bowl halftime show, although is presently suffering PTSD from shocking appearance of Shakira’s tongue…