Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tag: podcast

Report from Lucid Optics Summit!

This week we visit the annual Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit, a wealth of information on long range shooting in the unique setting of the Whittington Center.

Not Your People; Not Your Problem!

This week Michael wades into a very touchy topics — how we all need to behave in public when faced with an abnormal situation that may or may not be an issue. In scary times, we have to take extra care not to escalate any situation!

Ruger’s Newest Home Run — The LC CARBINE!

Ruger doubles down on the 5.7 x 28 cartridge with the introduction of the spectacular LC Carbine, the perfect companion to the Ruger 57...

Ballistics is Weaponized Math

This week Michael talks about the joys and pains of long-range shooting and why so many people are being drawn to the disciplines.

Hard Truths

The first part of today’s podcast is hard truths that we all must face…beware calls to violence! Second, a quick after-action report on Wyoming Tactical’s absolutely excellent Long Range Shooting class.

Shotgun Revival, and Good Baked Beans!

This week Michael talks about the revival of the lowly shotgun as a premiere home defense firearm…plus, a secret look at Michael’s world-class baked beans!


A round-up on the first filming trip for the new THE BEST DEFENSE series, featuring Rich Nance and Jeremy Stafford, that took place at GUNSITE last week. Prepare to be amazed! Also, the Tisas “X” 10mm wins even more fans.

Training Within Constraints

This week Michael talks about whether your training should change following the Indiana “good guy with a gun” shooting…how do we balance necessary training with everyone’s different constraints?

The Good Guy With a Gun…

Once again, a single good guy with a gun ended a potentially horrific active shooter situation in Indiana. What can we learn?

Self-Defense Under Attack!

This week we talk about self-defense in the macro sense…is the inalienable right of self-defense under attack by the progressive left? Michael argues that yes, it is, and it goes far beyond “gun control.”