Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tag: Ruger American Ranch Rifle

Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .350 Legend

Michael Bane has once again fallen in love with another gun. This time it is the new Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .350 Legend.

Down Range Radio #621: The Winchester .350 Legend

This week Michael talks about taking weight off his Sweetie’s 3-Gun rifle, the antecedents of the Winchester .350 Legend and an "unfortunate" period in his life, another reason he can never run for President.

NRA Show Report Part 1

This is the first report from the 2019 NRA Show and what products caught Michael Bane's attention in Indianapolis.

Review: Ruger 7.62X39 American Ranch Rifle

This compact bolt-action rifle can now be combined with the power and availability of a popular AK cartridge.