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On Shooting Gallery: Ruger’s Reintroduction of Marlin

Ruger’s long-awaited reintroduction of the Marlin 45/70 rifle becomes the centerpiece of a West-Texas hunt for Mule Deer & Aoudad.

Shooting Gallery: The Resurgence of the 5.7

Michael Bane travels to Gunsite in Arizona to compare the 5.7 to the .22 TCM and find out what they're really good for.

Down Range Radio #642: Challenges When Shooting a NRL .22 Match

This week Michael wades very carefully back into politics after a bit of a discussion on NRL22.

The SIG P365 SAS

Michael Bane and SIG Sauer's Phil Strader talk about the new SIG P365 SAS which has a Flush Mounted FT Bullseye Sight embedded into the slide. Bane also shows of the guns he brings to the Rimfire Challenge World Championship.

Down Range Radio #636: Guns – What to sell and what...

This week Michael ponders over hunting, the 6.5 PRC and the most difficult challenge of all.... what to sell and what to buy....

Survival Rifles

This week on SGO, it's all about Survival Rifles, from its original use by pilots during WWII to the the demand for these firearms today by civilians.

Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt & .45 ACP

With this newest "Hawk" from Ruger, we have a revolver that will shoot .45 ACP through the use of full moon clips and the wide range of 45Colt loads.

In Depth Look At The Ruger Lightweight Commander

Ed Head evaluates a new addition to the Ruger's family of SR911 Pistols.

The New Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Composite Models

The composite stock reduces the rifle weight to 6.25 pounds, ¾ pounds less than the popular laminate wood stock version.

Ruger LCR-9 and LCRx-3”

Do you like revolvers? I sure do and I want to tell you about two new ones that should appeal to all shooters, whether they are experienced revolver types or those who have been considering trying them.