Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: SHOT Show


Triggered: What’s New in Revolver World?

Michael Bane looks at the newest revolvers from SHOT 2020.

Triggered: 2 New Projects from Bishop Ammunition & Firearms

Michael Bane catches up with Merrisa Bishop at SHOT Show about their Marlin project in .458 SOCOM and a cartridge called .475 Bishop Short Magnum.

Triggered: SHOT Show 2020 – The Basement Tapes

On the last day of SHOT Show, Michael Bane goes down to the basement looking for innovation. And he found it.

Trends from the 2020 SHOT Show

This week, Michael ponders trends from SHOT 2020 and gives a glimpse into future plans.

First Report from the 2020 SHOT Show

This week, Michael Bane gives his first report from Las Vegas and the 2020 SHOT Show.

Shooting the Ruger-57

This week, Michael continues to wax poetic about the Ruger-57. He also shares more of his pre-SHOT thoughts and touches on the Texas Church Shooting.

SHOT Show 2020 and What’s New and Ahead

This week, it’s all about new products and the 80 pound gorilla in the room, the impending SHOT SHOW! 

SHOT Show Roundup

Ed Head shares his observations from SHOT Show 2017 and which guns ended up on his shopping list.