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SBRs — What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

As the ATF’s ill-begotten “brace rule” goes into effect and lawsuits stack up like delayed planes over the Atlanta airport, Michael takes a close look at what makes the short-barreled rifle “more concealable” or “more deadly” than a pistol or a rifle…and comes up with nothing!

More Dangerous? Nonsense!

This week we take a look at the proposed ATF regulations on pistol braces and the nonsensical claim that SBR (or SBS or AOW for that matter) are intrinsically or inherently more dangerous than their longer-barreled brethren…or, a pistol of the same caliber! Plus, Steven Hunter’s THE BULLET GARDEN…buy it quick!

Is the LPVO the Be-All and End-All for Optics?

Good question, and Michael addresses it this week. Depending on the uses you have in mind for your rifle, even an LPVO — low powered variable optic — may be overkill. Also, a rave review for Stephen Hunter’s newest, THE BULLET GARDEN.

SHOT Trends for 2022!

This week we take a look at some of the trends we will see in 2022. Also, a great interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.

Stephen Hunter on his latest book “Game of Snipers”

Michael Bane sits down with Stephen Hunter to talk about the latest Bob Lee Swagger adventure called "Game of Snipers". The book was released on July 30th.

Down Range Radio #624: My New Tools for 3-Gun

This week it’s 3-Gun with MB, introducing the ARMSCOR/Rock Island VR-80 shotgun and the Glock G19X/Crimson Trace 1400 into competition.