Tag: Tactical Solutions

Volquartsen’s Super Pistol!

Been a while since Michael worked with his “race” .22 pistols, but the Volquartsen Mamba-X just wants to run!

Practicing With .22s!

This week we fire up the Way-Back Machine to take a look on how to pick the right .22 for practice. Plus, a review of the TaurusTX 22.

Triggered: New .22s from SHOT 2020

Michael Bane looks at new .22 firearms from SHOT 2020.

The SIG P365 SAS

Michael Bane and SIG Sauer's Phil Strader talk about the new SIG P365 SAS which has a Flush Mounted FT Bullseye Sight embedded into the slide. Bane also shows of the guns he brings to the Rimfire Challenge World Championship.

Down Range Radio #629: Dealing With Mobs and Milkshake

This week Michael talks about the increasingly dangerous situation with Antifa and/or other progressive groups tending toward violence.

NRA Show Report Part 2

This is the second report from the 2019 NRA Show and what products caught Michael Bane's attention in Indianapolis.

Survival Rifles

This week on SGO, it's all about Survival Rifles, from its original use by pilots during WWII to the the demand for these firearms today by civilians.

Dropped Shot: Vampire Gun Resurrected

Michael Bane shows off his Tactical Solution upgraded Ruger .22 designated for upcoming Rimfire Challenge competitions.

Tactical Solutions .300 Blackout solution!

I think this is totally cool! From Tactical Solutions, a .300 Blackout upper with a permanently attached shroud.

The Insider Column: Tactical Solutions

What they'll be rolling out at SHOT is, to me, a pretty cool new product. TS has always thought outside the box...