Monday, March 1, 2021

Tag: The Best Defense


The Best Defense Roundtable – Riots

THE BEST DEFENSE team returns with life-saving advice for a nation in the midst of riots!

A Tribute to Mike Dillon

This week Michael talks about the very important contributions of Mike Dillon and his amazing reloading machines. He also talks about the important necessity of hardening your house in these grim times.

On Being Gray-ish…

A gray man is one who is flying under the radar, whose focus is one moving through the world with as few ripples as possible.

Down Range Radio #625: My .22LR Precision Shooting Project

This week on DOWN RANGE Radio, Michael ponders .22LR precision shooting, then begins outlining concepts for the office-dwelling “Grey Man.”


As many of you have already heard, Outdoor Sportsman Group has made the decision not to produce any original episodes of THE BEST DEFENSE (TBD) in 2019.

All my shows are available on MOTV

Last season of Shooting Gallery and The Best Defense will be available on MOTV in July 2019.

Secure But Ready Firearms Storage

How would you feel if you came home one day to find a bad guy in your house brandishing a gun you hadn’t secured?