Tag: The Organic Prepper

A Pre-Fall Prep Check-up!

This week Michael explains the importance of a “check-up” of your preps going into fall and winter. You never want to be the one who has to run to the supermarket/home center/doctor’s office in the early stages of any emergency!

Africa, Anyone?

This week Michael reviews Sue Tidwell’s book CRIES OF THE SAVANNA, a hunting book for non-hunters. Also, a quick look at where we are and how you can be ready for the next attack of the black swans!

Thinking About Deep Concealment

This week an eclectic mix of subjects, from Constitutional Carry to deep concealment handguns to Leupold custom scope dials.

Tertiary Effects of War?

With a “hot” war in Europe and threats of nuclear attacks, what do we as preppers need to be focused on? Also, a lighthearted (finally) review of a quick trip to Santa Fe.