Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tag: Triggered

Triggered: Say Hello to My Little Friend…Again

This week on TRIGGERED, we dip down in our archives for the “surgery” on Michael’s very first AR platform pistol, the Spike’s Tactical “666”...

Triggered: Red Dot Redux

This week we continue with our exclusive coverage of Wyoming Tactical’s red dot training class, including how to choose a red dot sight!

Triggered: The Rise of Red Dots

This week we begin our 2-part look at Wyoming Tactical’s new red dot pistol class.

Triggered: Cool Cowboy Conversion Guns

Yippie-kay-ah, or something like that! This week, Michael goes full cowboy in discussing the new “conversion” revolvers from Cimarron.

Triggered: Mixed Grill, Please…Side of Ammo

This week it’s an eclectic collection of neat guns, including a special GP-100, Litl Mo’s first home on a Glock and a winner from the Colt Custom Shop.

Triggered: SHOT Wrap-Up & Rats

This week’s TRIGGERED wraps up SHOT 2020 and tips our hat to the Year of the Rat!

Triggered: New .22s from SHOT 2020

Michael Bane looks at new .22 firearms from SHOT 2020.

Triggered: Bright Lights and Red Dots

Michael Bane looks at the new Streamlight products from SHOT 2020 and Lucid Optics' Litl Mo.

Triggered: What’s New in Revolver World?

Michael Bane looks at the newest revolvers from SHOT 2020.

Triggered: 2 New Projects from Bishop Ammunition & Firearms

Michael Bane catches up with Merrisa Bishop at SHOT Show about their Marlin project in .458 SOCOM and a cartridge called .475 Bishop Short Magnum.