Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tag: Triggered


Escape To Columbia!

This week Michael stages a Great Escape from Colorado and heads to Columbia, MO, for a “show-and-tell” from American Outdoor Brands.

Little Rugers and Big Noises

This week we get a look at the newest member of the Ruger American striker-fired pistol line, the American .45ACP Compact Pro. Plus, we made some LOUD noise with the ARMSCOR TCM!

Cowboy Kicked Up a Notch!

This week we reach back into the TRIGGERED vaults for our special on the .44 Magnum lever action rifle in all its incarnations.

Don’t have an AR? Beyond the Scout Rifle, Pt 2

This week Ed Head, one of the masters of Jeff Cooper’s concept, takes you through the necessary training. Michael Bane also offers up some alternatives.

Beyond the Scout Rifle – Part 1

This week we look at the concept of a “general purpose rifle,” a modern interpretation of Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept.

Charter Gets Over the Moon

This week Michael spends more time with the Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull, a 9mm revolver that eschews full moon clips for a unique spring system for the 9mm rimless cartridges.

Dirty Harry’s 2nd Most Favorite Gun!

This week’s TRIGGERED is about the amazing rebirth of the Auto Mag, a legendary pistol made famous in Clint Eastwood’s SUDDEN IMPACT in 1983,...

Finally! The .22 Pocket Pistol Comes of Age

This week we wring out the new Ruger LCP II in .22 Long Rifle! Which ammo works?

Medieval Concealed Carry

This week Michael swings for the bleachers with a “tactical flail” and the ultimate in Middle Ages CCW, a "bastard” sword.

Go Big or Go Home!

This week we lay out the plans for a humongous .458 SOCOM pistol, built from scratch.