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Why 3-Inch Revolvers Just Work

The 3-inch revolver trend continues apace, and Michael thinks that it just makes sense. Our sponsor Taurus have a great — and reasonably priced — series of 3-inch revolvers, and here’s how you choose.

Three Great 3-Inch Revolvers

As the trend toward 3-inch .38/.357 revolvers continues unabated, shooters looking to “get their feet wet” should take a good luck at the selection from Taurus! Also, a wrap-up of the ICORE Worlds.

Hard Lessons From Israel

The self-defense landscape is shifting again, and not in a good way. Michael talks about the lessons that we armed Americans need to take from the Hamas attack on Israel.

The Cyclops Roars!

Get ready to let the big Cyclops roar…Bond Arms’ single-shot 45-70 derringer is a handful, but it is an absolute hoot to shoot! And Michael says the companion .44 Magnum Cyclops barrel is, after the 45-70, a sweetheart to shoot. Also, after the Boomer, it’s a look at the "middle bear," the Stoeger STR-9C.

As the Cylinder Spins..the ICORE Revolver World Championships

The first Revolver World Championships at the spectacular Cameo range in Grand Junction, CO, is in the books, and Michael says it was Big Fun! There were also some important lessons learned.

Let’s Get Small!

As part of our exclusive coverage of Bond Arms new monster blaster, the Cyclops 45-70 single shot derringer, we take a quick look back at All Things Bond!

Consequences of Bruen Decision Take Hold!

Very soon Californians, residents of Washington state and maybe, just maybe, Colorado will be able to use standard capacity magazines, thanks to a decision by a federal judge in California. What are the implications for the host of other nonsense gun laws enacted by Democrats over the years?

Keeping the Ruger SFAR Lightweight

Over the summer we’ve been experimenting with fixed-power optics, sometimes combined with a magnifier, sometimes with a 1X red dot. Our test bed has been the Ruger SFAR .308, this week fitted with a brand new Lucid P8 4X and a Lucid Litl Mo 1X red dot. Also, more from the Ballistics Summit at Whittington and a new advertiser with an eye on safety.

Do You Have Enough Bullets?

This week Michael muses on an article by Massad Ayoob on cartridge capacity in EDC firearms. Plus, how flash mobs have morphed into organized crime.

Lucid Ballistics Summit 2023!

An AR that pumps…an airgun that shoots more than a mile and a lot of blue light…welcome to Lucid Optics annual Ballistics Summit, bringing together some of the most interesting companies in Gun World with media reps who can’t wait to pull the trigger!