Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tag: Triggered


Happy Birthday Col. Cooper!

For Col. Jeff Cooper’s 101st birthday, master trainer Tom Russell of the American Firearms Academy in Texas throws a General Rifle Class party at the Whittington Center.

A Screaming Anti-Mask Rant

Well, not quite, but Michael has some important points on the continued circus of masks, masks and more masks.

Ruger’s Spectacular GP100s!

This week we dip back into our Archives for a comprehensive look at Ruger's spectacular and successful GP100.

Lights OUT!

This week Michael does one of his rare movie reviews, and of course it’s an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it flick! Also, building the elusive Glock carbine.

Does Barrel Length Matter?

This week Michael spends some quality time with his 6.5 Creedmoor RUGER GUNSITE SCOUT and concludes, “Probably not.” Also, a new red dot sighted!

Facing the Active Shooter

EXCLUSIVE: In this special TRIGGERED event, two of the top experts on active shooters, Tom Givens and Ed Monk, help you understand the threat and...

Crummy Oscars, Rampant Marxism and AKs

This year, 2021, continues to deliver on mass quantities of endless annoyances. This week we do a little ranting about how knife fights have suddenly become West Side Story Redux and a little bit on the utility of crossdraw holsters.

The Russians Are Coming!

This week on Triggered, Michael steps through 2 of the best custom AKs available — the SLR Carbine from D&L Sports and an AK from Fuller Phoenix.

The Gunmaker’s Match Gun Is Going Forward!

Even as the government attempts to define homemade guns out of existence, Michael’s “Glockish” G34 is moving toward completion!

A Fitting Tribute to a Friend

The Jeff Quinn Tribute GP-100, a joint project between Lipsey’s and Ruger, is a fitting memorial to a brilliant talent. Turnbull Restorations can make that gun a true heirloom.