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FN’s Beast of a .45!

The FNP-45 was originally designed for a military project that never materialized. But the double-stack, hammer-fired .45 and its lookalike successor, the FNX-45, are still state-of-the-art for heavyweight handguns. Also, the Taurus GX4-XL comes back fitted for the Trij RMRcc.

The Rossi Gets Short!

Or rather, short-barreled, as Michael legally converts his .44 Magnum Rossi Ranch Hand mare’s leg style pistol into a short barreled rifle through an ATF Form 1. Was it worth it? We’ll let you be the judge.

Weekend At Robbie’s

Catching up with a “Weekend With Rob Leatham” and how Michael’s gear performed, plus a giveaway from Mountain Man Medical.

Trijicon RMR Glock – Red dots on handguns – the...

Sight alignment, sight picture and front sight, front sight, front sight. It's a sermon firearms instructors endlessly preach to pistol shooters at ranges across the land. Thus it has always been and always will be... or maybe not.