Taurus Continues Upping Revolver Game!

This week we have three revolvers, two from Taurus and one of the newest from Rossi. First a quick relook at the 856 Exec Grade .38 +P, then the custom Taurus 692 .357/.38 and 9mm. Then the new Rossi RM64, a sleek .357/.38 at an amazing price point!

Triggered previously SGO and Down Range TV covers in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other.

Taurus 692 — A Gun for All Seasons/MB

Finks Custom Gunsmithing

TK Custom Moonclips

Taurus Steps Up with 856 Exec Grade/MB

Taurus Revolvers

Rossi Revolvers


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