The Best Defense Survival #2 – With Special Guest Dr. William Aprill

This week Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander, Michael Bane and Dr. Aprill address critical mental health issues, “hardening” your home and how to be your own editor.

More than a decade ago, TBD/SURVIVAL did a deep dive into pandemics and how Americans might protect themselves. Now that what we discussed in the abstract has come to pass, the TBD/SURVIVAL TEAM — Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander and Michael Bane — decided to come together to help people weather this crisis. Our commitment was always deeply personal; deeply honored that TBD saved lives. We are here to help.

The Pandemic episode from The Best Defense Survival is currently available for free on MOTV, by clicking here.

All past seasons of the The Best Defense and The Best Defense Survival are also available on

Reference Links:

Mike Seeklander

Michael Janich

Rob Pincus

William Aprill

Meditations on Mindset in a Plague Year


  1. Please god please upload these episodes as a podcast! I have work to do. I don’t need to sit at a computer and watch four dudes talk at webcams!!! Great information!!! Thanks for doing this !

  2. Please make these discussions available as a printed transcript. I read much faster than people talk and don’t have time to listen to (or watch) to people talking.


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