The Best Defense Survival – A Reunion on the Corona Virus

More than a decade ago, TBD/SURVIVAL did a deep dive into pandemics and how Americans might protect themselves. Now that what we discussed in the abstract has come to pass, the TBD/SURVIVAL TEAM — Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander and Michael Bane — decided to come together to help people weather this crisis. Our commitment was always deeply personal; deeply honored that TBD saved lives. We are here to help.

The Pandemic episode referred to in this video is currently available for free on MOTV, by clicking here.

All past seasons of the The Best Defense and The Best Defense Survival are also available on

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Mike Seeklander

Michael Janich

Rob Pincus


  1. Great discussion would love to see iy on maybe a weekly basis or a podcast. The amount of common sense and real world thoughts far exceeds what’s on the news.

  2. Excellent on all counts! Thank – you to all involved so much. I just came off of a planning meeting at my church where we discussed how we are going to deal with the situation as it is and how it may become. How we will help our neighbors deal as well. Mr. Seeklander I am the pest that stopped you at the NRA show in Chattanooga and thanked you and Mike and Mike for the Church shooting video. To all of you Be Safe and God Bless!

  3. Had to say thank you to all, before I have even listened. I know it’s going to be too notch. Be safe, and stay vigilant.

  4. It was great to see you guys together for “The Best Defense Survival” discussion. Great information if someone is paying attention.

  5. There aren’t 4 other people in America that have done as much to prepare us for this type of situation as the 3 Mikes and Rob. My family and friends are in good shape to face this challenge thanks to your efforts over the years. Thank you.


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