The Best Defense Survival – Roundtable #10

We wrap up THE BEST DEFENSE/SURVIVAL Roundtables with a far reaching discussion of how we go forward into whatever the “New Normal” will be.

While the Roundtables among Michael Bane, Mike Seeklander, Michael Janich, Rob Pincus and Dr. William Aprill have ended, a new THE BEST DEFENSE will premier on MICHAELBANE.TV and YouTube the first week of July. Please join the TBD crew in July as we continue with the most important self-defense show ever produced!

More than a decade ago, TBD/SURVIVAL did a deep dive into pandemics and how Americans might protect themselves. Now that what we discussed in the abstract has come to pass, the TBD/SURVIVAL TEAM — Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander and Michael Bane — decided to come together to help people weather this crisis. Our commitment was always deeply personal; deeply honored that TBD saved lives. We are here to help.

The Pandemic episode from The Best Defense Survival is currently available for free on MOTV, by clicking here.

All past seasons of the The Best Defense and The Best Defense Survival are also available on

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Mike Seeklander

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Michael Janich

Rob Pincus

William Aprill

Meditations on Mindset in a Plague Year


  1. I have not listened to this yet,but I have to say, thank you, to every single one of you men who took the time away from your family and your busy lives, to contribute to such a worthwhile and badly needed project. That you did this for the gun community speaks volumes about how much you all care about your brothers and sisters who are just trying to live their lives in safety and security, and can use honest and effective wisdom, instead of the hype and fear mongering that the media and the governmental officials have to offer. So for all of us who have listened, and learned, from you all, I can only say a huge thank you, and may God bless you and your family members. Please live in safety and peace.


  2. Really looking forward to the new segments in July. No doubt that folks who watched the roundtables and the previous episodes of The Best Defense were better prepared for the last 3 months.

  3. Thanks to all of the members of the roundtable, and of course to Mr. Bane for organizing it! It has been a bedrock of sanity during these past 10 weeks while I have worked to keep both my family and my church family calm and properly informed. To all of you, be well – be safe – and given current events, keep our country in prayer!


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