The New Rules of Engagement

This week Michael expands on how the violence “landscape” is changing, and what that means to training for your own safety.

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #37.
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Host: Michael Bane
Producer: Flying Dragon Ltd.

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  1. MB you asked what the “next threshold” is. What has been bothering me since last week is the following…will BLM and their cohorts move to airplanes. Already I have read of two incidents on airliners where black folk confronted air crew. Same rhetoric. So what the hell happens if you are at 30 thousand feet and a half dozen or MORE crazy leftists start assaulting crew and white folks ? You have been disarmed by TSA and chances are no air marshall on board. And God forbid they decide to work with insiders. 75% of the airport workers are black. Plus a good number of air crew. Bombs on board or back to 9/11 using the plane as a missile ! I have had nightmares last couple of nites over this…

    • I would not be concerned about unruly passengers. Airline pilots will never surrender their aircraft to anyone now. They will likely fly acrobatic maneuvers until everyone in the back is knocked senseless or they will crash the aircraft if the cockpit is breached. The 911 hijackings will simply never recur.

      Likewise, while I am not an explosives expert, I think we should all recognize that television (and the web) makes it sound like creating a bomb sufficient to down an aircraft is not a difficult technical feat. Reality is different.

      Oh, and if a someone acts up on an aircraft, they can be assured they will have a long, long federal prison sentence. They had better be prepared to get old behind bars.

  2. The rioters are like hyenas; that is not so much an insult as a description of their tactics. One darts in and just as you try to engage him, he darts out while another smacks you from behind. Hyenas can wear a lion down and take his catch, even if they can’t defeat him one on one.

  3. Michael, the skillsets are largely transferable. The failing has come always in the perspective, attitude and mind set of the “average american gunman”. That perspective is based on fear of the legal system, defense-first-and-only based tactics, and the notion that they have to be “the good guy”. I changed that in my teaching five years ago and took a far more aggressive and attack-based footing in reference to active shooters and terrorists. The enemy now is a communist-based insurgent and you do not counter them with self defense tactics. The solution to these people is a far more aggressive and sanguine footing than the vast majority of the American gun public is prepared for.

    Gabe Suarez


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