The NRA in Dallas…a Mixed Bag!

With all eyes on the NRA election, there was also a host of new firearms introductions…including some surprises!

MichaelBane.TV – On the Radio episode #221.
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Host: Michael Bane

Reform Makes Some Headway/Jim Shepherd, Outdoor Wire

Bob Barr Elected NRA President; Reform Slate Sweeps Other Offices/Cam Edwards, Bearing Arms

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, Inc.

Marty and Gila Hayes

Firearms Academy of Seattle

2nd Amendment Law Center/Marie C. D’Amico

The Peregrine Corporation/Emmanuel Kapelsohn

Defense Training International/John and Vicki Farnam

Taylor’s TC73 9mm Lever Action, 100% American made

Heritage Manufacturing “Roscoe” Snubbie Revolvers

Kahr Arms X9 Production Model

Glock G17L Gen 5 MOS

Colt New Revolvers at NRA 2024

S&W Jerry Miculek 327 Performance Center 9mm Revolver

The Music of Avshalom Ohana


  1. Was excited to hear of that lever action 9mm, at least till I saw the price. Two grand, hokey smokes! Too rich for my blood…


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