The Stakes of Rittenhouse Verdict

Tucker Carlson Described The 'Whole Point' Of The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecution, And It's Horrifying


  1. I thought that the prosecutor was an officer of the court, and had to follow a set of guidelines or rules, that were stricter than even those of the defense attorneys. I of course am only a common foundry worker.
    The biggest problem I see with this case, apart from the prosecution, is the charge that the media is leading against the entire idea of self defense, as well. If, or hopefully when, Kyle R. is acquitted of all charges, I hope that he finds a very good lawyer and sues anyone who slandered him or libeled him, calling him a white supremacist, or some of the other horrible things that were said about him. Saying that he went to Kenosha looking for someone to kill, or ascribing other hateful things to him, should be well beyond the pale of those who are on network news programs, even if they are giving their opinions. Some things are simply going too far.
    We won’t even mention the prosecutor’s mishandling of the AR 15 in the courtroom. Even news reporters were mocking him on that, and castigating him over pointing any weapon at people, with his finger in the trigger guard.
    I feel almost as bad for the jury as I do for Kyle Rittenhouse. They are in a position of damned if they return the correct verdict and damned if the return the incorrect one. I hope that they are able to withstand political pressure, and follow the law, and their conscience. I have watched perhaps 25% of the trial, and so I can’t make a fair judgement, but anyone who has seen the video and knows anything at all, should be able to judge that Kyle acted in self defense.
    The one thing that we learned which no one knew, is that the feds had drones flying overhead, filming everything, in real time. And unless the prosecution had brought those tapes into evidence, nobody would ever have known about it. Not the defense team, nor the public at large. So it is just as you have said Michael. You are always on camera, no matter where you go. Just assume it, and act accordingly.


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