Triggered: Mixed Grill, Please…Side of Ammo

This week it’s an eclectic collection of neat guns, including a special GP-100, Litl Mo’s first home on a Glock and a winner from the Colt Custom Shop.

Triggered previously SGO and Down Range TV covers in depth topics and products related to shooting sports and personal defense. Host Michael Bane covers new products from the firearms industry like no other.

Featured in this episode:

Lipsey’s/Ruger GP-100 10mm

Cylinder & Slide Shop

JP JPoint Red Dot

Revolver Supply

Allchin Mounts

TK Custom

Ameriglo Glock Sights

Lucid Litl MO

Glock G34 Gen 5 MOS

Colt Defender 9mm

Colt Custom Shop

Mantis X Dry-Fire and Live Fire training System

Tough Targets/Dry Fire Cards


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