Author Topic: Which Slugs For a Cylinder Bore Shotty?  (Read 24724 times)


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Re: Which Slugs For a Cylinder Bore Shotty?
« Reply #20 on: February 01, 2011, 01:32:47 PM »
I am as closely as I can describe, a shotgunner "by nature".  No matter what the issue, no matter where, at what range, etc...I ANSWER with a shotgun in my hand....Yes, I might reach for a pistol or a rifle after a millisecond of analysis, but on my way TO the door, I already have my Winchester 1300 smooth / i.c.

Google dDupleks Monolit.  They ain't cheap, but they AIN'T GOLD, either.  I am CONFIDENT out to 150...oh, yeah, and as close as across the kitchen, too.   This GIVES ME that millisecond to rethink my weapon choice, and if need be, retreat to cover and GET it.

I have, and have had, many shotguns over the years.  Singles, doubles, breaks, bolts, pumps, semis, rifled, at least a dozen makers.  I have used just about EVERY size, shape, and weight of projectile you can find...shot, slug, sabot, frangible, buck, bb, bismuth, see where this is going, I'm sure...Someone got me on to these some months ago, and I CANNOT think of a reason to "reconsider" another load for my "next-to-the-door" shotgun.  Well...I CAN, but only to load some rubber-ball ammo to use at that "frisky" time of year...and I have another piece JUST FOR that...


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