Author Topic: No FFL 80% Polymer Lowers  (Read 24668 times)


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Re: No FFL 80% Polymer Lowers
« Reply #40 on: March 17, 2014, 09:42:46 AM »
I've never understood the emphasis on tracking the receiver.

If you want to shoot someone with your 45ACP, get an after market barrel.  Nothing at the scene of the shooting can connect it to your receiver.

Even if micro stamping is implemented, there is still noting at the scene to link to your receiver.  Might have to dump the slide and the barrel to be "clean", but the receiver is clear.

If you police your brass, the bullet and some powder residue is all that might be at the scene and the bullet is identified by markings from the barrel. 

There was talk of "taggants"  in the powder but I don't think it went anywhere and there are so many ways to muddy that trail, it would be useless.

Not hard for any criminal to minimize or eliminate any risk from all this.....but then, we've known for a long time that hindering the criminal is not the objective of any gun control measures.

All of this stuff is total nonsense. Which is the reason the ignorant anti gunners embrace it so much. Much like most other forms of Democratic government, it possesses zero common sense. Which is why it fails so well. Technology will never make up for mass stupidity.


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