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pod cast 499
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:11:43 PM »
To answer the question you asked about adding a video feed to your podcast - sure, I would watch as well as listen; I already have subscribed to my outdoor tv, and so far I am pleased with the service. I especially like being able to watch Gun Stories, Shooting Gallery, and Best Defense - speaking of BD, when are you going to have more BD Survival? Also, when is your mass casualty event going to be on my outdoor tv?

Also, we watch most of the TV through our sons' x-box, do you know when there might be an app for that as well?

Overall, like I said, my outdoor tv has been working well - there is a very large selection and the shows can be viewed anytime, anywhere - I even caught back up with Gold Fever; it used to be on at the most inconvenient times.

Back to your video feed, maybe you could have a few guests on, you know - like Michelle Viscusi, Corinne Mosher, Amy Jane, Gabby Franco - that's Franco - not Gifford...

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Re: pod cast 499
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 03:34:10 PM »
Let me answer the questions about apps for MOTV. The development group is working hard to get apps ready for Roku and AppleTV. I am not aware of any other apps at the moment.

Personally, I am currently using the MOTV app on my iPhone with AppleTV and simply mirror my iPhone to the TV screen. This is just a temporary solution until we have an app specifically for AppleTV.


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