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Re: Finally found one..
« Reply #10 on: September 30, 2019, 08:40:56 PM »
I'd love to have a De Lisle carbine. I would have a blast with one of those. Then 7 more more blasts that no one else would hear. ;) Then 7 more, then 7 more... Coincidentally, the big brown truck of happiness just dropped off some .45 ACP ammo this afternoon. Nosler Match Grade loaded with their Sporting Handgun-Pistol 185 Grain JHP bullet. It was on sale for about 63% off the regular price. It still is until midnight I think. I didn't buy in bulk, just a couple of boxes that I may be able to make room for.

I also got a few boxes of 5.56mm Custom Competition 77 Grain OTM ammo for around 54.5% off. Nosler is having a September Sale. I don't know if there will be an October Sale, November Sale, etc. I guess we can find out tomorrow. That's one of the reasons I signed on tonight. Plus I wanted to see if anyone posted in the last 2 months or whatever while I've been busy.

I liked my first Chevy Silverado and traded it in for another one 19 years ago. I ordered each with the options I wanted and waited awhile for it to be built. No compromises on not getting what I wanted, and getting what I didn't, except where there were options they just wouldn't put together. Each one was a 4x4 regular cab long bed. The last time I looked online the only way for me to get a regular cab long bed Silverado was to buy a work truck and that's not happening. Anything like a decent interior or convenience package came in a double cab or crew cab only. I sure as hell don't need a crew cab all to myself so I looked at the options for the double cabs. The bed is so short on them that I don't even want one of those trucks. Then I looked at the specs on a Tahoe and found out that from the the rear doors to the back of the front seats was an inch longer than the bed of the full-size pickup. So I either buy a Tahoe when I get some money or I switch brands.
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