Author Topic: Good service at Taylor's & Co.  (Read 84 times)

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Good service at Taylor's & Co.
« on: June 04, 2020, 04:12:50 PM »
I ordered some spare Pietta parts for an 1851 project I'm working on, such as a couple of hands w/spring, a cylinder bolt, a coupla' mainsprings, and a few trigger/bolt flat springs. I ordered on Friday, and it arrived today, six days later! I'm noticing shortages of some of our favorite Italian-made firearms, so it's nice to see Taylor's still has spare parts on hand, and they're shipping them fast!

Kudos to Taylor's!

Edited to add:
I should also mention that when I was looking for the revolver, their sales staff followed up with me very quickly when I left a message. Everything was sold out, but they took the time to let me know, even though there was no sale in it for them. Later, when I found the revolver at Dixie (where it's now sold out), I texted back to ask them to take my name off the wait list. Keri on their sales staff took the time to follow up again.

That's one of the reasons I went back to Taylor's when I decided to buy a few spare parts! Good people!

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