Author Topic: Glock 22C Accuracy  (Read 6169 times)


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Re: Glock 22C Accuracy
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2009, 12:24:48 AM »
Rebog, the .40 is not an inherently accurate cartridge, but with a Glock 22 at 21' I would expect 2" or less, if it is 4" or bigger, then definitely try other ammo, manufacturers and bullet weights, if that does not help, let someone else shoot your gun, and see how they do. If they don't shoot reasonably better then it's the pistol or pistol/ammo combo. If they do shoot better, well we know where to start working. Trigger control and sight alignment. Also rear sights are available in different heights, and the non adjustable ones are cheap, actually the plastic adjustable ones are pretty cheap.

Good Luck.
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