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Another Friday at the Range
« on: April 04, 2009, 09:38:20 AM »
Another fun day.   Didn't get everything done I would have liked, but that's okay.  It was 3 hours of shoot'n and jaw'n.
Below are my targets for both my AR w/ ER Shaw varmint barrel and my CZ 452 in .17HM2.    The AR did best with the "Master" (red and white box) 68gr match ammo.  But it also did great with the Winchester white box 55gr stuff.  (see pic).   Now that I've established the ammo.   I'm working toward zeroing the sights to point of aim.

2 guys showed up in camo with a stainless Ruger Mini-14.  It had a cantilevered scope mount and an inexpensive scope.  It probably wouldn't have been too bad except for the bi-pod on the barrel.  They were shooting at a man sized sil' at 100yds and probably only hit it 3/4 the time.  And of course they didn't have a spotting scope so every 5 minutes they had to run down range.

Another guy showed with an original Armalite AR-180 w/ folding stock.  It was cool bit of history, but I'll stick with my heavy barrel for accuracy.

Then there was the real nice guy with the brand new Rem 700 top of line in .300 win mag.   He sighted it in and shot it pretty well off sand bags.   Didn't seemed to be bothered by recoil and would "double tap" his shots like he was shooting dangerous game.  Pretty much kept them in 6" except towards the end.  I think the recoil started to best him.

Here's my best targets at 100yds.  (for curious, the AR group is 1-1/16"  and the CZ was 1".)
[typo on target.   Should say "09" not "08"]

Will work for ammo
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Re: Another Friday at the Range
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2009, 06:20:32 PM »
Nice shooting.  I don't have one, but I've heard the CZ452 is nice.  I shot a couple of .17HMR rounds through one at deer camp a  few years ago and that one was great.   Looks like it sure shoots well.  Waiting for a barrell to build an AR, though not a heavy varmint barrel.
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