Author Topic: 30.06 vs .308 for tactical rifle  (Read 54625 times)


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Re: 30.06 vs .308 for tactical rifle
« Reply #70 on: July 09, 2009, 07:22:24 PM »
I have a 30-06 and a .270. I like them both but choose the .270 for hunting (hence the 270 in my handle). I 've killed deer and pigs with both. I think if I had chosen a different rifle to shoot the -06 I'd probably being shooting that. Instead I have a TC Encore. Oh well....seemed a good idea at the time. Now I'm looking to return to a bolt gun (In my opinion, the biggest mistake I have ever made in my firearms choices was selling my Ruger M77 .270 and buying the TC Encore "system".)

I'm looking at a Remington VTR in .308 at my local shop. It is used and on sale for $700. I'm thinking that would be a good choice on many levels for deer, pigs, varmints, and two-legged predators.
Leave that Remington alone, unless it has real nice glass or othe extras. Honestly IMHO, you did screw up selling that M77 .270. (Give yourself a slap on the back of the head). I know people say that Rugers can vary considerably accuracy wise from rifle to rifle. Me, guess I just got lucky, but my .270 M77 will put three in the bottom of a beer can at one hundred yards and three in the can seated at 200. That's not BS and it's not bragging either, because I am not a great shot. I just lucked into a very good rifle. Plus, its light weight and darn good looking. My advice, buy that Ruger back. Or if you're right handed, check out a Savage. The 700 would be my third choice unless you want to go for tactical accessories. Either way, its a good problem to have.


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Re: 30.06 vs .308 for tactical rifle
« Reply #71 on: July 09, 2009, 07:42:22 PM »
I believe Savage has left hand models available now.  I agree with the M77 as first choice though.  If your doing ANY long range shooting, I'd say its worth an extra hundred bucks or so to go with a new / unfired rifle.  You dont know what the previous owner did to a used rifle, but if it were really a good shooter would he be getting rid of it?  Here lately the used racks at the gun shops around here are filled with rifles within $10 bucks of the same gun on the new rack!  Are people REALLY that retarded?!?

I've seen used shotguns on racks that people have been shooting steel shot out of, firing slugs through full choke barrels, you name it.  BUYER BEWARE!  Looking close at used rifles it's pretty clear most people are to ignorant, or lazy to clean from the chamber end of the gun (you'll see dull edges on threading at the muzzle).  Pull the action from the stock before buying to!  I was in a store when a guy brought back a pretty Rem. 700 he bought and found all the steel covered by the stock was rusted out like an old Chevy pickup.  Lots of rifles make it to the used rack after botched home gunsmithing to.  Look for scratches around trigger mechanisms (another 700 I heard a guy complaining about AFTER he'd paid for it).



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