Author Topic: List your top 5 rifles and why...  (Read 22184 times)


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List your top 5 rifles and why...
« on: December 20, 2009, 03:29:25 PM »
Saw this topic on another forum and thought it was fun. 

List your top 5 rifles and tell us why.  Doesn't have to be for specific objective criteria -- in other words, doesn't have to be "top battle rifles of all time based on power, longevity, pivotal events, etc.  Can be what YOU like based on how YOU feel about them.

In other words, there is no wrong answer.  I'm just interested in what you like and what "pushes your buttons".

I think it's a very tough question...of my dozens of rifles, my favorites are all over the map...based on completely biased and emotional rationale.

1. M1 Garand -- because I'm a red-blooded American who grew up in the 60's watching WWII movies.  And because it is a lot of fun to shoot as well.  Not the ultimate battle rifle, but one that is full of history

2. FN-FAL -- this is the rifle I reach for the most from the safe because it is ergonomic, powerful, reliable and good looking.  90 countries can't be wrong.

3. 1874 Sharps -- drop dead gorgeous, extremely accurate and came at a pivotal time in our nation's development.  Plus, Quigley can't be wrong, can he?

4. Finnish M39 -- I've been enjoying reading and thinking about the Winter War and the Continuation War recently.  The M39 represents what a small, determined populace can do against impossible odds based on the independence of it's people...and marksmanship.  Everything the Mosin-Nagant wanted to be...but wasn't sophisticated enough to think of.

5. AR15 -- I used to "hate" AR15s until I actually owned one.  Now I have 7.  They are infinitely customizable, sufficiently powerful, handy, ergonomic and a lot of fun.  This one is set up just like I want it.

Honorable mention (because I was too chicken$#!% to choose just 5)

1. M1A/M14 -- for the same reasons I like the Garand...with 20 rounds instead of 8.  This one is extremely accurate.

2. Tikka T3 -- not the prettiest or most refined but I call this one my "hammer of Thor".  Has never failed to anchor an animal on the spot.  I would be lying if I said I didn't like it.

3. Winchester 1892 -- super handy, fast firing, powerful enough, accurate enough.  The "assault rifle" of it's day...and still pretty formidable in the right hands.  This one is a Rossi in .45 Colt.  Wouldn't feel undergunned with one.

4. Swedish M96 -- elegant, from another time of craftsmanship.  Crazy accurate with an wonderful old cartridge...I love the 6.5x55mm.

5. Steyr AUG -- surprised myself including this...especially over the M1903.  But I really appreciate the forward thinking of the design and the incredible compactness of the machine.  Bullpups have lots of flaws, but also some advantages that are unavoidable.
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 03:57:53 PM »
1. American as it gets Winchester model 70 (older models) Words do not give it justice. (.270)

2. M1 Garand. Patton was not wrong.

3. SKS. good little rifle. Reliable. Russians answer to the M1 Garand.

4. Marlin lever action 30-30. American as the winchester 70.

5. Lately the mosin nagant poor mans 30.06 It is idiot proof.
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2009, 04:16:52 PM »
1) Ruger 10/22 Everyone should own one
2) AR15-Varmints to self defense ably covered just change optics
3) SMLE of any vintage- works in roughest conditions imaginable, although surplus ammo has disappeared
4) Semiauto version of AK-same as above except ammo dirt cheap and available anywhere on earth
5) Winchester 94 Trapper in 30-30 easy to carry all day/week and still as effective of a cartridge as it was 100+ years ago


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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2009, 04:25:52 PM »
kilo -

I'd take your selection, but I really want that Garand and the Sharps!  Need to have a couple of accurate toys for games.

Both are on my list of must gets.

I'll echo ccd on the 10/22 - A perfect "truck gun."  Like a Timex, they take a likin and keep on plinkin.

My AR's go on the list (15 & 10) - Pure utility with flexibility.

And I would round it out with an Anschutz ... thinking a 2313 Match would be nice at the range - You can tell the level of the gun guy by the .22 on his wall  ;D
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2009, 04:45:31 PM »
Hmmm...Let's see

1) Marlin 1895CB in 45-70, will take any north American game , ability to thump hard on non hardened targets

2) Marlin 39 .22 - will work for small game up to self defense(Holds up to 21 rounds, that will hurt you despite the small size ammo) with proper shot placement

3) Ruger 77 in Scout configuration .308, handy rifle for most any big game or use for longer shots

4) FN-FAL 308, A great Battle rifle, can also be used to bring home meat for the table

5) SKS handy size for smaller folk, cheap ammo, no magazine to lose or get damaged
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #5 on: Today at 10:28:02 PM »


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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2009, 05:08:00 PM »
#1 ) 7.62 AR (AR 10 etc. ) Familiar action , potent round, and drop free mags.
#2) SKS, same reason Majer listed
#3) Savage model 99, got to love the lever guns and this one will shoot pointed bullets without buying special polymer tipped ammo
#4) AK, 30 cal. inexpensive and practically unbreakable.
#5) Mauser K98 Like the lines of the military stocks and it doesn't kick as hard as the Mosin Nagant.

and tomorrow I will probably change this and list a bunch of totally different guns  ;D


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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2009, 05:58:22 PM »
no real order too these.

m1 carbine
nylon 66
my weatherby k98 sporter( yes coverted by weatherby, when he was a gun smith)
rem 591 ( 5 mm remington mag)
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2009, 06:15:14 PM »
1) Marlin 336 30/30. No matter what I take shooting during hunting season, I always wind up taking the Marlin at some point. It's always ready and accurate.
2) My "go to" bolt gun this season has been a sporterized 91/30 with my own ammo receipe. 165 grain Nosler balistic tips over 47 grains of hodgdon Varget, in Graf&Sons custom brass. 1 1/2 in groups at 100yd.
3) Henry Goldenboy 22Lr. My grandkids and I love this rifle. Smooth as butter lever action, and as accurate as our eyes will allow.
4) M1 Garand. A classic.....nuff said.
5) My current favorite is the Ishapore No.1 Mk.IIIA2 that I just refinished. But I'm fickle and it will fall off the list after I complete my next project.
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2009, 07:12:57 PM »
Top 5 AND WHY.

1) Rack grade M1a with national match sights, I have enough history with this rifle, I truly believe if I can see it I can hit it. Don't you love the tiger stripes that came out when I refinished it?

2) Model 7 remington in 7mm/08 with set trigger and fiberglass stock, 6.5llbs with scope, carry it all day and accurate to boot.
6th from the left.

3) CZ 527 in .223 with set trigger, Bausch and Lomb 6x24 4000 series scope, elegant and accurate, detachable mag with up to 10 shots. 3rd from the left

4)  DPMS 16" carbine, with comp ml2 aimpoint, Miculek brake, sopmod 4 stock, accuracy speaks trigger, DPMS full float 4 rail handguard with flashlight, enodine hydraulic buffer. Reliable and accurate, and very soft shooting rifle. Full float rail added after pic was taken.

5) M40 precision rifle, 7" 5 shots at 1000 yards.

I have others that definitely come in the top 10, but this is what I like the most. My Sako finbear in .338 win mag, for the big stuff, but I don't get to hunt the big stuff much anymore. 9th from the left.
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Re: List your top 5 rifles and why...
« Reply #9 on: December 20, 2009, 08:25:12 PM »
You're working on earning your own "we hate you" thread with Billt and KPR.  ;D


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