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Prayer Request to my church..
« on: October 13, 2012, 08:25:10 AM »
I don't mean to bleed "other than" stuff over into this section, inappropriately.
This is an email I sent to my church this morning on the "Prayer Request" form..
Perhaps it's something that your local body might consider.
I don't know. Please accept in the spirit offered..

Have you asked your local church?
Have you asked yourself?

The following is what I sent to my church on a form for "Prayer Requests", since there is no email address provided..
I would ask you to consider, first for yourself and then for your church, the possibilities and answer to the question..

That the Church might consider, today, what it’s role might be in the community and to it’s members in the event of an economic collapse. A collapse of the Dollar, logistics system infrastructure and the like.
Why I ask. I came up this last week to speak to the pastor about some things and on my way up the hill, it occurred to me that the role of the Church, and our church in particular, wasn’t quite the same as our roles as individuals protecting our families.
When I left the house, my goal was to ask if there were individuals within the church who had taken the potential threat to organized society seriously. By the time I headed back down the hill, my view of what the potential role of the Church, and our church, in particular had changed.
I know that many, including, I suspect most in out church view things like the potential for economic collapse as. (by whatever name or scenario), not to be taken seriously. That said, I understand the words (Word) of scripture that say “the rain falls on the just and the unjust” to be plain spoken, and to prepare, to be prudent. I’m including a Youtube link that offers some thoughts on the role of the individual as it pertains to responsibilities and understanding of what may be in the future.
I suspect it to be in the near future, should it come at all.
My role is that of a “watchman on the wall”, as is the job of the head of any household. I ask in that capacity.
> My question, or prayer request is to ask the Lord what the role of the church may be in our community, should the groceries disappear from the shelves and the power and/or water stop flowing from the wall?
> What is the responsibility of the church to it’s members, particularly the infirm among us?
> What is the responsibility of the church to the unsaved of the community, in the face of what is likely to be a period of social unrest, the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetimes? (Please understand that I ask in the understanding that when people come, they will in all likelihood come armed, as they must be in order to survive, and in desperation, because they, themselves dismissed the possibility when they were confronted with it.)
My personal email address is **************
Thank you and God bless.
Joe Watson
(I’m the fat guy with a beard and no moustache that sits “stage right”, about half way back.)
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