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Episode 437-38--Get Well Michael
« on: October 10, 2015, 07:08:32 PM »
Michael, I'm a little behind on the podcast and just caught up to #437 and #438 today.  I was awfully glad that I was tardy, because I didn't have to wait to hear how the surgery went.

I'm glad things went so well.  Hang in there and try to be a good patient.  It's always difficult for people like us to slow down and follow orders to rest, but it will help you heal faster and better.

I know, easier said than done.

I'm reminded of my shoulder surgery of a few years ago and how debilitating and frustrating it was. When even the simplest everyday chores become a difficult challenge, and you have to rely on help to do everything, it wears on you.  I had to smile when you discussed your simple need to get out on the range and prove to yourself that you could still do it, as I went through the same thing, myself.  My dear and long-suffering wife was upset with my stubborness, but it was just important (on a level that she couldn't understand) to prove to myself that I could still exert some kind of control on my environment at a time when I felt like I had lost so much influence and capability.  Perhaps not a good move from a physical standpoint, but it was important to my emotional and mental health.

When you go from two wings to one, it sure changes everything about your self defense preparations.  That sling that I had to wear for months made me feel like food, and it sure interrupted all of my normal plans and preparations.  Even when it finally came off after about 3 months, the fragility of that shoulder and arm still effectively limited me to a single side.  Your comments about self defense training needing to take into account injuries and disabilities is right on the money.

Rest easy and be patient with yourself and your helpers.  I know that life and business won't slow down just because you're on the injured list, but try not to push it too much.  Heck, maybe all this enforced downtime might even give you the opportunity to read a few pages of my book.  ;)

Be safe, and thanks for the podcast and all you do.  I'm glad the surgery went so well and look forward to hearing more of you on the podcast, and seeing you at SHOT in January, even if it's on wheels.

Mike Wood


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