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USS Arizona Memorial
« on: April 12, 2019, 07:48:57 AM »
The USS Arizona dock was struck and damaged 26-MAY-2015.

Everyone hoped to have repairs complete and the memorial opened by 04-JUN-2015.  Damage to the memorial was "minor".  Most damage was to the dock and gangway to the memorial. 

Time goes by and the memorial reopens but then on 06-MAY-18 they see a crack and it's closed again.  It is supposed to be fixed early March 2019...but now the opening has been pushed back and it won't happen until late fall 2019.

I was there week before last and a National Park Service employee told my wife and I that the government shutdown is the blame for the USS Arizona Memorial not being repaired.  What kind of damn fools do these government people think we are? 

5 weeks of shutdown is the reason this thing hasn't been fixed since 2015? I am still incensed.  Enough that I have reached out to one of my US Senators for a congressional investigation on why the USS Arizona Memorial has not been repaired in a timely manner.

I would think this is a good, non-partisan issue, but I think I would be wrong.  I don't think the Dimcrats give a damn unless they can get votes and they probably believe they will get more votes having people in place like the idiot NPS employee blaming it on Trump's 5 week shutdown.  You know...that 5 weeks they got paid for anyway....versus the 4 years since the damage occurred on Obama's watch?

We had 5 WWII vets on the tour from 95-99 years old who wanted to visit that memorial and could not.  That was likely their last ever opportunity.  This is such an important memorial why is it that over 4 years after initial damage it still is not fixed?
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Re: USS Arizona Memorial
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 08:16:28 AM »
Hawaii is represented by communist liberals. The most profound of which is no less than that total bitch, Jap born communist Mazie Keiko Hirono. She will waste no opportunity to crap on the military every chance she can.
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