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Say What?
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:19:41 AM »
I don't know how I missed this.  A target camera.

I spent part of the last weekend attaching a shooting bench to a lean to building out front of the house in Arkansas.  It was late when I finished up but I had to try it...5 guns worth.  Since it ended up being a late the 200 yard targets...well, they were hard to see with the 17 Fireball and the 223 and 22-250 rounds. 

So I got back and I was thinking, since I have electric power to the lean to I could use my cheap TV from Wal Mart hooked up to a camcorder with 30X optical zoom and I could see my targets.  Problem being...just how clear will that 30X zoom be?  Then I surmised I'd have to try the camera out at Best Buy or such and then make a decision...trying to keep it under $200 so that with the TV already at $130 I'd have as little as possible in it if the results were bad.

Why didn't I already know about affordable target cameras?  Duh...I dunno.  Maybe they are brand new.  Regardless, I have one on the way.  $300 plus tax and free shipping from Amazon.  So take a look at that link and the video.  You set the camera up at up to 300 yards away (I'm only to 200 yards) and then after you have it pointing right, you can zoom in.  Turn on lights for early morning or evening shooting.  And I really like can touch your shots on the screen to number them.  I should have it by Friday....if I take it out this weekend I'll make a report but it will likely be two weeks out.

BTW, the Remington Model 700-5R in 300 Win Mag shoots inside an inch at 200 yards with 180 grain Fusion ammo.  Sounds like hog medicine to shoulder is already complaining....
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Re: Say What?
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 08:28:06 AM »
Cute, would have been handy on my ranch!

I did see another version recently, smaller, more indoor range oriented I think, that actually mounted to the rifle on a Picatinny rail and read through your phone. I would think your phone mounted on a spotting scope would work as well, and for far less than $300 - unless you're shooting a mile out . . .
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