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Outdoor channel puppet
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:33:09 AM »
So when is Michael going to say enough Geppetto I'll no longer dance at the end of your strings?
The podcasts are painful to listen to now.
The "sponsors' are nothing more than "Johns" buying the favors from the Outdoor channel. Here whore take our money and have your puppet talk about us because we pay you to.

Now he's having to lay at the the puppet masters feet to maybe get Shooting Gallery back in 2021?
Oh I meant "negotiate" as he mentioned in "Bane's plans for 2020"  DRR
You once said Donna Brazile did all she did just for a scratch behind the ear for being a good little lackey -  how does it feel?

I said it was a bad deal when he was acquired by industry - his individuality would be destroyed.
And now he's lost shows, told what to say and generally is no longer the MB we had from years ago.

Sad to see you wither away under the thumb of corporate buffoons and pretend you enjoy the $h!t sandwich they keep making you eat.

Rant over.


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Re: Outdoor channel puppet
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2019, 10:32:25 AM »
Michael hasn't logged on here in 2 years.  I think that is his own website going least that's my perception that this forum sold with the Outdoor Channel some time ago...I"m often wrong in my thinking on things like this.  At least part of the reason for the dwindling to nothing we have now is lack of original sponsor participation added to the Facebag issues..

I like what he has to say and I have no issue soldiering through the infomercial part...if that's what it is.  I would never have found least not anytime soon without his prompting.  Heck the Tactical Solutions stuff probably would have withered on the vine and it's more than worthwhile.  He also zinged the NRA Leadership and Wayne he's not totally off the rails.  There was some great information on what the other side's plan is on changing the meaning of transfer, possession and ownership to grab our guns. 

Shooting Gallery had a long run.  Best Defense was spectacular and ground breaking.  Cowboys was great and had a good run too.  Everything goes to the side eventually. 

So yes, there is some selling going on.  From what I've seen on the shows he seems to have some health issues to be concerned with these days.  I give him more of a break to make a living in his latter days...heck, I'm old too and at some point you can't help but wind down.  I'll continue to listen to catch the tidbits of new kit that I may be able to use. 
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