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Fabrique TAB Someone ought to make...
« on: May 30, 2020, 11:50:22 am »
This needs some explanation, it's something I think is hilarious but nobody else gets.
It's one of those "Connections" things.
The Belgian Govt needed army rifles, and while Liege was full of gun makers none of them was big enough to handle a military contract alone, so they would form a consortium to get the contract completed then go back to their own stuff leaving the Army with no aftermarket support.
Together they formed Fabrique National to handle such contracts, but the Belgians didn't need enough rifles to support the company so they branched out into pretty much everything else Hart Berg was at Colt looking into "safety bicycle" tooling when he met John Browning and they invented both the slide operated pistol, and the entire pocket pistol industry.
When Paul Mauser took the double hit of losing his Company to that SOB Isadore Loewe, and being cut out of the German rifle trial that resulted in the "Commission rifle" His revenge was to design the best rifle in the world, and have it built at FN.
FN started manufacturing a later Mauser contract in complete disregard of DWM's patent's.
It was completely illegal because FN had absolutely no legal right to those patents.
But DWM didn't find out until AFTER they bought control of FN at which point FN had legal right through their now parent company. To say Isadore Loewe was pissed would be an understatement  .

TAB seems to do similar,
Look at his current project, he saw something, thought it over, and now he's arranging the manufacturing.
We know of 2 or 3 companies, and at least 1,probably more, charitable organizations that he has started and built pretty much the same way.
TAB seems to be a firm believer in "If you want it right, do it yourself".
The "Fabrique TAB" thing just hit me as a good natured poke at first, but the more I've thought about it the more I admire the idea in general and TAB in particular, since I'm not real good on diligence, and follow up.

With that introduction, I thought it would be good to have a place to put ideas .
Remember the Cartoon "There ought to be a law" same idea but far less harmful, I think   ;D
Some one ought to make.....
Some one now should start 3D printing working/not firing classic fire arms like Luger's Broomhandles, and Automatic weapons.
It would provide exact replica's to people who could never find or afford an original. And unlike semi auto versions they do not need to be redesigned for closed bolt or semi auto.
It's not real likely to make money, but it would position that company to switch to real guns with out the set up expense faced by other companies when materials science catches up. This is basically what Maxim did with the machine gun, He built it good enough for now, and waited for powder technology to catch up and perfect it.
The reason Glock was able to under bid Steyr in the Austrian pistol trials was because his plastics manufacturing was already up and running while Steyr had to start from scratch.
I'm not real clear on the current state of laser scanning or 3D printing, and I don't know any one in that field to question, but I think they are the future of manufacturing.
If the Dems don't reduce us to a rock and antler.   ;D
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Re: Fabrique TAB Someone ought to make...
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2020, 01:06:19 pm »
Hey, i was just looking at something and said there is money to be made.  Not that i really need it.  I just hate being gouged.  Which is what i see here.  Something that reasonably  could be sold for half and still double your money
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