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« on: July 03, 2022, 02:46:28 PM »
Over on facebook there is a meme going around that says


It's the Reason

For the Season"

I have thought about many things the last few days, and since reading this.  I think back to the act of Britain forcing taxation on the Colonies to pay its debt for war in Europe.  As they give the colonists a break on taxation on many things, they force their regulations on tea and keep the tea tax.  The last straw, and the Boston Tea Party is held.

What are we facing today?

Back in 2000, Vice President Gore stated that to force Americans to switch to higher milage vehicles we needed to raise the price of fuels.  Over the years since we have, and are, faced Carbon Tax, increased fuel taxation, subsidization of "green energy" with taxpayer dollars, restrictions on free trade in fuel, and finally minimal tax holidays to reduce the pain in fuels.  While there were many issues behind our fighting for our liberty, there are also many reasons for the uproar in freedom loving Americans today.  Today, while everything is in turmoil, I see a parallel with taxation and manipulation of our modern-day tea.

Over the last weeks we have seen some very controversial rulings by the Supreme Court.  I view them mostly as returning freedoms and honoring our constitution. 

How abortion is handled is returned to the individual states.

Firearm ownership and use, while it can still be regulated and limited by permit, must be regulated by an objective, not subjective, test.

Freedom of speech and worship has been returned to the people.

The power to legislate was removed from Agencies and must come through the proper process of the Legislative and Executive branches.

With these politically controversial issues there are many who are calling for anything from impeachment of Justices, recall of a Justice (Justice Thomas), term limits and age restrictions, all the way to a new Constitutional Congress to rewrite our constitution.

As my ever-wandering mind wanders I wonder how, over a period of 244 years, we have shifted from fighting to free ourselves from an over-bearing government to demanding an over-bearing government.
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