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Guns in cars and NDs
« on: September 22, 2023, 10:11:00 AM »
Since GA has preemption over gun laws and the City of Atlanta can't ban firearms, the Mayor and others have been actively encouraging people not to leave firearms in cars.  I think Atlanta (not sure whether that's metro area or City Of) is at over 250 guns stolen from cars this year.

One of the things not said or asked, is why people leave guns in cars?  Well Duh, because they can't take them with them when they go into municipal buildings, into churches, into schools or even into the FOX theater.    Yes the FOX.  Their statement was they wanted to prevent ND inside the FOX.   Of course that makes patrons unable to defend themselves between parking lot and theater.  And subjects them to possible ND while stowing their weapon in their vehicle.

So today, amidst all the Trump & Friends prosecution falderal, a Fulton County DA investigator had an ND.   So many questions.  Hopefully the noon news will have more details.

Was she drawing or holstering her weapon?
--  Why?
-- Was this because she couldn't take it into the court house?

What make/model?
How does she carry it?  (plain clothes investigator so could be IWB, OBC, OWB...)
Type/model holster?
Was she up-to-date on qualifications?
 --  Do they even teach/practice removing/storing/retrieving/holstering techniques and safety?

I've been to the Fulton County Courthouse and years ago they were amenable to citizens with concealed carry.  No they didn't let you carry it inside, but they let you check it.  As I said years ago.   And NO, I wasn't a defendant, but a witness for the defense.  Anyway, I noticed that except for on-duty, and by that I mean on-duty at the courthouse, all other LEOs/DAs/PIs had to check their weapons, too.    I wonder how many NDs they had back then and whether this is still the procedure for LEOs/DAs/PIs?  Wonder, and I'm not going to test it out, how they'd treat citizen's these days?

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